FRRCA Volunteer Program

If you have community spirit, we have created a program with the goal of involving more community members in our collective work on behalf of the entire Greater West Brighton community. That program is the “Area Liaison”.

The Area Liaison simply reports on the concerns of residents in your particular area or block. Our Board Member (Laura McCarthy) will be your contact and you can reach her to report problems that the civic association can help solve. You can also report at a FRRCA general meeting should you like. Either way, the specific concerns of your neighbors can be addressed successfully if we act collectively. Our contacts with elected representatives and city agencies helps get issues "to the top" so to speak.

In addition, the Area Liaison can help get the word out about FRRCA meetings or any important information residents need to know about.

We hope you would consider becoming an Area Liaison for your area/block. Simply contact Laura McCarthy at and she can brief you.