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Forest Regional Residents' Civic Association (FRRCA)

Our mission is to foster our wonderfully diverse community and maintain the quality of life in the West Brighton, Brighton Heights, Silver Lake, Livingston and Randall Manor neighborhoods. Speaking up on behalf of our residents, researching issues, distributing information and working with elected officials will be our priority.


FRRCA Virtual Community Meeting: Wednesday October 20th @ 7:30pm

FRRCA Litter Walk: Saturday November 6th @ 9am

FRRCA Virtual Community Meeting: Wednesday December 8th @ 7:30pm

Visit us on our community Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/155958795259472/

Updates from the FRRCA Board


Please see below the Little Free Library locations in our neighborhood. You can also find locations and information on the website www.littlefreelibrary.org . But, if they are not registered yet, the location wont be listed. So please use below as a reference. We will keep updating.

  • Dr. Seuss (500 Bard Ave. Neil and Cathy Anastasio)

  • The Unicorn (304 Brighton Ave. Carrie Larsen)

  • The Amazing Grace Butterfly (345 Stanley Ave. Jim Dolinger and Family)

  • The Football (Castleton and Walbrooke. Michael Blyth and Grandson James Rockfeller)

  • Basic Blue (Kissel and Castleton (attached to RUMC Parking lot fence. Michael Blyth)

Interested in getting Little Free Library on your block?

Michael Blyth along with the Petrides chapter "Habitat for Humanity" student volunteers construct and paint these Little Free Libraries for those interested in hosting them in our neighbored. If you would like one on your block, please email us @ westbrightonsi@yahoo.com with you name, contact info and address. The library is free and is fully installed by Mike.



On June 9th we held our season finale virtual FRRCA Community Meeting!! Meetings will start again in the fall.

Thank you to all our guest speakers

Please see the meeting tab for meeting minutes. Thank you.




Great turnout of 50 volunteers this past Saturday 5/1 for the annual FRRCA litter walk!! We collected 55 bags of trash from Forest and Castleton Avenues and the streets in between. Not only did we collected 55 bags of trash, but we also cleared sewer drains of leaves and debris and gave out 20 community service certificates.

Thank you to ALL volunteers including DA Michael McMahon's office, Michael Schnall, Girl Scout Troop 5202, Priscilla Marco, Troy McGhie, Amoy Barnes, and the St. Joseph Hill Academy High School students. Hope we didn't forget anyone. Big thank you to Dept. of Sanitation for the supplies.

Preserving the beautification our neighborhood has been such a priority these past couple months. Let’s keep it up! Next time 100 volunteers!!+

Pics below.

Thank you, FRRCA

Department of Transportation Update!

Our civic is fortunate to be in communication with the Department of Transportation and thank them for the updates on issues brought up at the FRRCA community meetings. Please see the DOT worksheet link below for detailed information on what projects are completed, resolved or open.

Department of Transportation



Join the Forest Regional Residents' Civic Association in supporting this wonderful cause!!!

For 30 years, the Notre Dame Club of Staten Island has conducted their Bread of Life Drive which collects food for non-profit organizations on Staten Island.

The 2021 drive is being conducted online, making it easy and safe to help our neighbors. Visit our online shopping platform and click SHOP NOW to purchase foodcanned vegetables, soups, tuna, pasta, and moreby April 9. All items will be delivered to Staten Island food pantries. You can also make a cash donation.

Thank you for your generosity!



On February 24th we held another virtual FRRCA Community Meeting!!

Thank you to all who participated in our community zoom meeting! 30 + people is a great outcome.

Thank you to all our guest speakers especially Commander Kinsella of the 120.

We will be doing another viral meeting soon. Please see the meeting tab for meeting minutes. Thank you.


The FRRCA board had a highly successful meeting with the new Deputy Inspector Tania I. Kinsella yesterday at the 120th Precinct.

We were delighted to see the commander again as she had joined in with our Civic in a community event in the past.

The Inspector said that she is committed to the community policing concept and appreciates all of our input. Quality of life issues are especially important to her as well as keeping communication with our Civic open on community needs and concerns. In fact, she is from the neighborhood, so she is well aware of past and current issues.

Our Civic looks forward to working together.



"Staten Island Shop Where I Live"

You can now shop many local businesses at the same time, year-round, 24/7, from the comfort of your own home. For more information, please see link below.



On December 2nd we held our first Virtual FRRCA Community Meeting!!

Thank you to all who participated in our first community zoom meeting! It was great reconnecting with the community after so long.

Thank you to our Assemblyman Charles Fall for taking the time to address the community. As well as our other guests.

26 people is a great outcome, and we will be doing another viral meeting soon. Please see the meeting tab for meeting minutes.


Participatory Budgeting Committee:

This past winter, our FRRCA President Neil Anastasio, participated in the Participatory Budgeting Committee of Debi Rose. Neil was able to demonstrate to the committee to place our community projects on the voting list (10 or so projects made the final ballot). It is a tricky process as many of the projects were thought to be “a go” were rejected by city agencies. Silver Lake and Clove Lake projects being one of them.

Due to COVID, there was no voting, but our neighborhood projects made the budget and will be funded by Debi Rose. Remember, that these projects needed to meet criteria such as serving an underserved area and/or underserved people. Glad to report that these projects below are now getting funding.

From Rose Office:

I am writing with some good news: Even though we had to cancel the participatory budgeting process, Council Member Rose reviewed the projects and allocated funding to five of them as part of her discretionary funding allocations.

The following projects are funded in this year's budget:

  • Renovation of outdoor basketball court at the Richmond Terrace Houses, $320,000

  • Security cameras at Tompkinsville Park and Nicholas Estates, $144,000

  • Pure Water Filtration System at PS 45, $56,000

  • Upgraded technology at Curtis High School, PS 19 and PS 68, $150,000

  • Trail Restoration at Jones Woods Park, $80,000 (this is the park above Goodhue on the hill)

For more information please visit: https://www.debirose.nyc/pb

COVID-19 Update: Please join The Giving Tree project! 💚

We hope you and your family are staying well and safe during these difficult times.

Let's join together to show our support for those on the frontlines. FRRCA is accepting donations that will be used to purchase foods, snack, drinks, and meals for healthcare works at RUMC and SIUH.

We can only accept donations via mobile payment options. Install the Venmo app and search for @FRRCA. If you have any issues or would like to contribute another way, please email westbrightonsi@yahoo.com.


FRRCA Medical Equipment Drive!

All year long, you can drop off any new or used medical equipment to 500 Bard Ave (white house behind the CVS) please leave items near back porch.

We donate those items to MedShare. For more info on MedShare please see website link below.



Learn About FRRCA

Want to learn more about the Forest Regional Residents' Civic Association?

Check out our About Us page to learn about our mission and view a map of the neighborhoods we represent!

Live Survey Results!

Want to check out our survey results as they come in? As of March 31, 2020, we've had 172 responses!

Visit www.frrca.org/survey-results to watch the results update in real-time!

October FRRCA Community Meeting !

Thank you to all who attended the Tuesday October 22nd FRRCA Community Meeting. Over 30 people!!

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation from Aileen Fuchs and Alexandra Patrone from Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Please stayed turned for more information on Snug Harbor's "Master Plan" and how you can help.

We thank all our guest speakers and have posted the following resources:

January FRRCA Community Meeting - a success!

Thank you to all who braved the weather on Wednesday, January 30 and came to the FRRCA Community Meeting. We did not expect the turnout of over 30 people!!

The meeting was one of the MOST informative meetings! We thank all our guest speakers and have posted the following resources:

  • Visit the Meetings page for meeting agenda and minutes.

  • Visit the Announcements page for the form letter and additional information shared by Joe Dicks in opposition to a liquor license at Forest & Kissel.

  • Visit the Links and Resources page for the updated contact list in the event you have a community concern and/or issue.

  • Visit the Share Your Opinion page to take our online survey.