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Winter Lanter Festival @ Snug Harbor!


The FRCCA met with Snug Harbor’s admin staff today to discus ALL the details on NYC's Winter Lantern Festival. Last year’s festival was a great success with over 20,000 people. We all value Snug Harbor and what a way to put it on the map in a huge way. This year it’s even bigger…. 10.5 acers and 1000 illuminated lights! Below are some details you want to know‼️


🔴 10% OFF COUPONS will be available starting TONIGHT at Beans and Leaves, Burrito Bar, North Shore Hardware & Duffy’s! *


🔴VIP PARKING: There are 50 VIP parking spots on site, but you must purchase them in advance when you purchase tickets.

🔴SHUTTLE SERVICE: Parking is available at Empire Outlets for $10.00 and a shuttle will be running drop off and pickups every 3-5 mins at the West entrance on Snug Harbor Road. All vans are handicap accessible.

🔴UBER: Drop off and pickups at west entrance on Snug Harbor Road

🔴FREE STREET PARKING: Free street parking is available on Richmond Terrance and Henderson Ave. There is an entrance to the festival and attendants at both gates.

The production company, NYPD and the community has contributed in making this an exciting, safe and very welcoming family experience with THREE concession stands, THREE heated tents, restrooms with diaper changing stations and additionally, the production company has doubled the housekeeping staff in and around the event.


Enjoy Snug Harbor before the festival! Saturday and Sunday’s Snug Harbor’s “Holiday Skating” opens at 3pm. $10 kids and $15 for adults w/ skates.

For more info please visit:

Winter Food and Coat Drive: Thank You!

Mar 7, 2019

Through the winter, we collected canned food, coats, and cold weather accessories to help those in need. We wanted to thank all of our neighbors for their generosity and their help in making our winter donation drive a success. We received dozens of coats! We worked with our local community organizations to see to it that they're put to good use. Thank you all!

NYC Homeowners Property Tax Exemptions and Rent Freeze Enrollment Event

Jan 31, 2019

JCC of Staten Island

1466 Manor Road, Staten Island, NY 10312

Thursday, January 31, 2019

5:00PM - 7:30PM

NYC Property Tax and Rent Freeze Event.pdf

Christmas Tree Recycling

Jan 1, 2019

Weather permitting, NYC Sanitation Department will collect and compost clean Christmas trees left at the curb between Wednesday, January 2, 2019, and Saturday, January 12, 2019.

Trees are chipped, mixed with leaves and recycled into rich compost for NYC's parks, institutions, and community gardens. Remove all lights, ornaments, tinsel, stands, and plastic bags from your tree.

Great Turnout for the FRRCA Litter Walk!

Nov 10, 2018

Big thank you to all that came out on Saturday, November 10 - in the cold - to clean up the neighborhood in our first FRRCA Litter Walk.

We covered Hart Blvd to Bement Ave along Forest Ave and Castleton Ave. 30 people, 40 bags of trash and we gave out over 15 community service certificates.

Thanks you to the Department of Sanitation for all the supplies, all our volunteers and the girl scouts from Norte Dame Academy.

FRRCA Meets with Savino and Lanza

Oct 17, 2018

Our Civic Association had a great meeting with State Senators Savino and Lanza this month. We look forward to updating the community at our next community meeting.

"Thread of Life" a Success!

Oct 13, 2018

The FRRCA held another community "Threads of Life" Clothing drive on Saturday, October 13th and collected over 50 bags of clothing to be donated to Project Hospitality. That makes three drives to-date through which we've collecting over 300 bags for people in need. Project Hospitality and the FRRCA want to thank the community. Next clothing drive will be spring 2019.

Meeting with the Department of Transportation (DOT)

Sep 12, 2018

The FRRCA Executive Board will be meeting with Nicholas Carlson, Community Coordinator, Staten Island Borough Commissioner’s Office, NYC Department of Transportation on Friday, September 14 to discuss issues that have been raised by neighbors at our quarterly meetings. Those issues are:

  1. Bike lanes on Forest Ave & Victory Blvd
  2. Left turn signals from Forest Ave onto Bard Ave (Intersection near the CVS and Starbucks)
  3. Traffic light at Castleton and Woodstock
  4. More signage to keep trucks off Bard Ave and Bement Ave from Clove Rd. (directing them to stay on Clove till they reach Forest Ave
  5. Right only exit sign for Starbucks parking lot onto Bard Ave
  6. Make University Place a one-way street toward Forest Ave
  7. Obstruction of street light on Hart Blvd and Forest Ave bus stop by tree branches
  8. Speed bumps/cushions on Kissel Ave
  9. Drug Free School Zone signs at IS 61
  10. Excessive double parking on Forest on "restaurant row" (especially on Friday and Saturday nights)
  11. Best way the community can contact DOT to submit a suggestion and/or complaint

"Protecting Our Pets" Calendar Photo Contest

Sep 12, 2018

District Attorney Michael McMahon's Office is holding its Second-Annual "Protecting Our Pets" Calendar Photo Contest. Be sure to enter! The deadline is October 1, 2018.

About the Dockless Bike Share Pilot

Aug 25, 2018

[Update: Nov 13, 2018]: Staten Island’s dockless bike share gets 90-day extension -


Have you seen red and green bicycles around Staten Island's North Shore?

They're part of New York City's dockless bicycle pilot that launched in Staten Island on July 26th. The green bikes are operated by Lime and the red bikes are operated by JUMP. Lime offers both regular bikes and pedal-assist bikes, whereas JUMP offers just pedal-assist bikes.

How much does it cost?

  • Lime regular: $1 for a 30-minute ride
  • Lime pedal-assist: $1 to unlock and then $.15/minute
  • JUMP pedal-assist: $2 for a 30-minute ride

How does it work?

To rent a bike, download the JUMP Bikes or Lime app on a mobile phone (JUMP bikes are also available to rent via the Uber app).

When done riding, follow the instructions for locking the bike. Leave it in a location that is safe and accessible to future riders. Bikes should be parked at a bike rack or on the sidewalk -- in line with other street furniture. Bikes should never be left in the street nor should they be parked on the South Beach Boardwalk, blocking sidewalks, intersections, doorways, ramps, or driveways.

How can I learn more?

For more information, take a look at the press release on the website.

"Threads of Life" & Medical Equipment Donation Drive

Aug 13, 2018

Next Donation Drive "Threads of Life" & Medical Equipment:

Saturday October 13th, 9AM - 12PM noon

500 Bard Ave

(It's the white house right next door to the CVS. Pull right into the driveway!)

We collect all sizes of lightly used and/or new clothing and shoes, small kitchen appliances, small electronics, books, toiletries, lightly used and/or new bedding and toys. All donated to Project Hospitality. Project Hospitality works hard to assist displaced people and the homeless through their crisis intervention team. They have been a great partner to our civic association. They use the items to assist people in need and those starting in new apartments. To date, we have donated over 200 bags of clothing from two previous drives! What a great community response!

Also, if you bring any new or used medical equipment to the drive, we donate those items to MedShare. They are an organization that supplies medical equipment to third world countries without such resources.

Can't make it to the "Threads of Life" Drive? Well, just drop off your donation to 500 Bard Avenue (back porch) ANYTIME before or after the drive date!

NYPD 120th Precinct Back to School Supply Drive

Aug 13, 2018

Donate School Supplies by Tuesday August 21st!

Drop off school supply items directly to the 120th precinct or to the BACK DOOR at 500 Bard Avenue (white house next door to the CVS). Please put itmes in a tied up plastic bag. Donations needed before August 21st. Our community children thank you!

Don't Give a Dollar, Give a Hand

Jun 21, 2018

Look out for these posters in store windows throughout the West Brighton region starting next week!

"Don’t Give a Dollar, Give a Hand" is an awareness campaign with contacts and steps to take when you see someone in

Our Civic Association collaborated with the 120th Precinct, Project Hospitality and the Forest Ave BID. Together with the community, we are hoping these signs help in understanding the importance of how to assist a person in need long term and not just “giving a dollar” and walking away.need.

Our very own Detective Rios came up with the slogan and Elizabeth Anastasio did the design. Thank you.